Photography and Types Of Photography

Photography Career Guide


Photography is referred to as the act of taking a picture or photograph on a light-sensitive medium such as film, or in the case of digital photography, on a digital electronic or magnetic memory.

The word photography is derived from the Greek terms “photos,” meaning light, and “graphos,” drawing, which literally means "drawing with light".


There are many distinct forms of photography and It can  be confusing if you're taking up a camera for the first time. 

By learning about the  different types of photography, you can build a strong foundation for your photography career.


Portrait photography, also known as portraiture, is a type of photography that uses appropriate lighting, backdrops, and positions to portray the characteristics of a person or group of people.

Composition, depth of field, backgrounds and lighting all add to a portrait, but without a subject, there is no portrait. Therefore, the most important element of a portrait is your subject.

Source: EOP Studios


This is a type of photography that concentrates on documenting pre-wedding engagement sessions and wedding-related activities and festivities.

A wedding photographer would do everything from portraits to products to event photography. 

Source: EOP Studios


It is a style of photography in which clothing, shoes and other fashion accessories are glamorized. 

Fashion photography is often done for commercials or fashion magazines and It has turned into an essential method for designers to advertise their work.

Fashion photographers take a lot of full body shots and work in an array of locations, from fashion shows to studios with full lighting setups to city streets and open fields. They utilize many of the same skills as portrait photographers and must practice good teamwork and communication when working with shoot stylists, creative directors, and models.

Source: EOP Studios


This is a kind of photography that specializes in capturing images of structures like buildings, bridges and cityscapes.

Architectural photography can be approached in 2 ways. 

  1. The exterior architectural style: This depicts the outside of a building.
  2. The interior architectural style, which depicts the inside of a building.

Often, these photographs showcase the structure’s most aesthetically pleasing parts. Interesting materials and colors may also be emphasized. 

A very good knowledge of lighting is paramount for architectural photographers. Gear such as a tilt-shift lens and a tripod is often useful.

Source: EOP Studios


This is a type of journalism that captures candid moments and uses powerful photos to tell a story of an event. 

In photojournalism, realism, truthfulness and objectivity are very important. Esthetics and a “good-look and feel” are not very important.

A photojournalist should be inquisitive, sensitive and brave. Their work is usually published in magazines and newspapers.

Source: AINA, Taiwo Oyewumi


Event photography is the art of taking excellent pictures at a variety of significant events, from small gatherings like birthday parties to large public events like corporate events, galas, award ceremonies, and music festivals.

Source: Ibrahim Israel


This is a type of photography that captures the action of a game as well as the participants behind the scenes. This type of photography helps to promote sponsors, athletes, and the sport as a whole.

Sports photography can be divided into two categories: Sportraits (of a single athlete playing in a sport) and Storytelling (a group of athletes doing something noteworthy).

Source: Pan African Sports


Product photography is a type of commercial photography in which products are photographed for commercial use. These images are meant to entice consumers to buy the items being photographed.

Source: Studio Amaka


This is a genre of photography in which close-up images of subjects are taken in order to highlight their appealing aspects for editorial, commercial, or personal purposes.

It focuses on the beauty of the face and body with or without cosmetics.

Source: Rebecca Nwose


This is a genre of photography that specializes in photographing people's pets. It captures the animal's temperament, traits, routines, and other special moments.

Source: André Cogez

Source: Alexander Sheryshev

Source: Husni Abu Bakar Balbaid


This is the art of capturing photos of the natural world and surroundings in a way that draws the viewer into the scenery. 

Many landscape photos are created with little to no human intervention and are intended to be a pure, unadulterated representation of nature, free from human interference, and instead focus on subjects like clearly defined landforms, weather, and ambient light.

Source: Roberto Nickson


This type of photography concentrates on intimate, sensual, romantic, and often erotic images of its subjects in a studio, bedroom, or secret dressing room location. It is usually made for the subjects' and their partners' personal enjoyment.

Source: Castorly Stock


This captures the lives of animals in their natural surroundings, such as a forest or underwater. 

Photographs of animals in motion or movement, such as eating, fighting, or flying, are commonly captured in wildlife photography.

Source: Hendrik Cornelissen