EOP Studios is a subsidiary of Emmanuel Oyeleke Photography that aims to serve a wider audience of photography and art buyers, as well as the growing population in need of a full-service photography solution agency.

Led by the renowned photographer and visual artist, Emmanuel Oyeleke, we have a team of capable and skilled professional photographers who specialize in various aspects of photography (portraits, weddings, fashion, child/newborn, corporate, products, events, and documentary, amongst others) and are dedicated to meeting the diverse and specific photography needs of our clients by creating beautiful images and providing photography-related value-added services at all times.

Our portfolio highlights high-profile events such as weddings, corporate events, fashion shows, and more, as well as work for non-profit organizations. We have created look books, beauty and lifestyle campaigns for Zaron Cosmetics, Coca-Cola, Netflix, Jameson, Darling Nigeria, AD Consulting, Kuku's Hair, Taos Cosmetics, and Hairfinity USA, to name a few local and international brands. We have also worked on projects with well-known fashion designers such as Deji and Kola, Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Babayoo, Knanfe, Helen Couture, The Lady Maker, Mai Atafo Inspired, and King Hakbal, as well as fashion publications such as Schick Magazine and Pulse Nigeria.

Our educational offshoot, EOP Academy, is dedicated to sharing knowledge and expertise in photography by providing training to photographers and equipping them with the technological skills and professionalism required to stand out in the industry.